Canada’s “Salt Lick Award” goes to A&W “Chubby Junior” Meal


Parents urged to steer children from sodium-laden fast food Three of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence – the Canadian Stroke Network, the Canadian Obesity Network and the Advanced Foods and Materials Network – today awarded the first national “Salt Lick Award” to the A&W “Chubby Junior” Kids’ Meal, which contains 1,910 milligrams of sodium… [Continue Reading]

What Can Parents Do?

What can parents do

High sodium diets in children lead to elevated blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke in later life, according to a study based on data collected in the U.K. National Diet and Nutrition Survey. Research published in the Journal of Hypertension found that for each extra gram of sodium eaten there… [Continue Reading]

The Shakedown on Salt


Canadian food products are among the saltiest in the world and the average Canadian consumes more than double the healthy level of sodium a day.   The Canadian Stroke Network is working to reduce sodium levels in processed, packaged and fast foods because it hopes to prevent strokes in thousands of Canadians. “When you look… [Continue Reading]