Half a teaspoon less salt a day could save 100,000 lives, study finds


Nearly 100,000 lives could be saved in the United States every year if people reduced their salt consumption by just half a teaspoon a day, comparable to the benefits of national efforts to reduce smoking, obesity and cholesterol levels, according to a new study. Consuming half a teaspoon less of salt daily – the equivalent… [Continue Reading]

Getting Savvy About Sodium in Foods


Trying to navigate your way through the minefield of high-sodium foods out there? Have you been looking for ways to reduce your sodium intake and improve your all-around health? We explain how to read food labels, make smarter choices when it comes to feeding your family, and help you become more sodium-savvy. According to Statistics… [Continue Reading]

Choosing healthy options for kids


Choosing healthy options for kids Do your homework, beware of sodium and, remember, moderation is the key By JANET STEFFENHAGEN, Vancouver Sun, January 7, 2010 Moderation is key for parents who like to visit restaurants with their youngsters, but worry about children’s menus that offer little beyond hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken… [Continue Reading]