Health Canada aims to cut Canadians’ salt intake


In an attempt to lower the massive and often lethal amounts of salt Canadians consume, Health Canada plans to call on the food industry to substantially reduce the amount of sodium lurking in processed foods. Read more. The Toronto Star’s copyright policy restricts posting of this article. Read the original article here:

The Hard Sell on Salt


With salt under attack for its ill effects on the nation’s health, the food giant Cargill kicked off a campaign last November to spread its own message. “Salt is a pretty amazing compound,” Alton Brown, a Food Network star, gushes in a Cargill video called Salt 101. “So make sure you have plenty of salt… [Continue Reading]

McDonald’s takes a small bite out of Happy Meal sodium content

takeout menu

The sodium-rich Happy Meal is getting a slight makeover. McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd. is changing its menu to include a lower-sodium grilled chicken snack wrap option in its child-oriented Happy Meals. The change involves lowering the sodium in a variety of ingredients, which will have a cascade effect on sodium levels in a dozen… [Continue Reading]