Toronto board of health supports sodium reduction strategy


Toronto’s board of health is urging the federal government to quickly put its sodium reduction strategy into action to help prevent Canadians from dying of heart disease and stroke. A report, presented and passed at Friday’s board meeting, presses the government to immediately implement the strategy’s recommendations. The board also wants Ottawa to rapidly develop… [Continue Reading]

McCain Foods moves to cut sodium levels


McCain Foods is working on new recipes for its packaged food products to meet guidelines laid out in Health Canada’s Sodium Reduction Strategy. McCain is working on sodium reduction in some of its established products. (CBC)In a strategy released at the end of July, the government said Canadians should be eating a maximum of only… [Continue Reading]

The Salt Hiding in Your Diet


Nearly 90% of adults consume more salt than U.S. dietary guidelines recommend. Now, federal officials are considering making those guidelines even tougher to follow. Eating too much sodium, a key component of salt, can contribute to high blood pressure, a major risk for most people as they age because it can lead to heart disease… [Continue Reading]