Sodium 101 iPhone App


Looking to cut back on sodium? Now there’s an App for that! The Canadian Stroke Network is excited to announce the launch of Sodium 101 for iPhone. Designed to help users stay within their daily recommended sodium intake, the Sodium 101 iPhone App is free for download on the iPhone App Store. An increasing number… [Continue Reading]

New Website for Sodium 101!


To mark World Salt Awareness Week (March 21-28), the Canadian Stroke Network is has relaunched its popular website. In addition to English and French, the updated site is now available in Mandarin ( The website will continue to grow in the coming months, as we add delicious low sodium recipes and cooking tips, along… [Continue Reading]

Gov won’t act on all sodium recommendations


Government won’t act on all sodium recommendations, despite costly panel Health Canada won’t commit to implementing all the recommendations of its expert sodium panel after spending nearly $1 million to get the group’s advice on ways to reduce the salt intake of Canadians. The Sodium Working Group, which disbanded prematurely in December, spent about $950,000… [Continue Reading]

Loading up on fat and sodium: There’s an app(etizer) for that


If you usually enjoy an appetizer before your main course, you might want to rethink your order. Consider that most starters at full-service restaurant chains deliver at least 500 calories, and many clock in at over 1,000. Add a main course and a drink and you’ll be lucky to walk out for less than 2,000… [Continue Reading]