Health ministers ask for help from federal gov to lower sodium intake


Canada’s health ministers are calling on the federal government to work with them to develop national programs to help lower the excessive amount of sodium Canadians consume each day. Provincial ministers will ask federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq at a meeting on Friday to collaborate with them to reduce childhood obesity, hypertension and other conditions… [Continue Reading]

Mr. Noodles wins 2011 Canadian Salt Lick Award


Cheap, salty products a feature of student diet Mr. Noodles, a low-cost diet staple popular among university and college students, has won the fourth annual Canadian Salt Lick Award. “A package of the popular ramen-style noodles provides the sodium equivalent of drinking a cup of sea water,” says Kevin Willis of the Canadian Stroke Network…. [Continue Reading]

‘Posh’ Salt health claims should be taken with a grain of salt!

Gourmet Salt

Sodium chloride accounts for nearly 100% of all rock and sea salts surveyed and are therefore just a more pricey way of damaging our health Health claims on labels fuel confusion; one in four “Which?” members (28%) admit to thinking rock and sea salts are healthier than table salt Release 17.11.11 ‘Posh’ salts such as… [Continue Reading]

Sodium in the News


A pinch of reality about “A pinch of reality about salt” and other misleading media stories. Several articles have appeared in the popular media over the last few months suggesting that we need not be concerned about the high levels of sodium in our diet and that low intakes may be dangerous. They have been… [Continue Reading]

Useful tips for choosing low sodium foods


At the Grocery Store – Buy lower sodium foods to prepare healthier meals at home Read the information on food packages Buy unsalted and lower sodium foods whenever possible. Look for words such as “sodium-free”, “low sodium”, “reduced sodium,” or “no added salt” on the package. Compare food labels. Buy the products with the lowest… [Continue Reading]