Group urges mandatory calorie and sodium info on menus

Menu & Cutlery on A Restaurant Table

A new report by the Centre for Science in the Public Interest says restaurant meals are fueling the epidemic of obesity and high blood pressure in Canada. Read the news release here. The full report, made public on Feb. 28, calls for governments to require large-chain restaurants to disclose calorie counts and sodium levels in… [Continue Reading]

Average Canadian consumes twice the sodium recommended


Canadians are consuming far more sodium than what is necessary or recommended, and just where this sodium is coming from may surprise you. Read it on Global News: Global News | Average Canadian consumes twice the sodium recommended

The sodium bun fight


Bread is the No. 1 source of sodium in the American diet, according to a report released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Salty snacks like potato chips, pretzels and popcorn are not the problem. Read the full story.