Australian study finds sodium increase in processed foods


A new study from Australia found the sodium content of more than 28,000 rose nine per cent over the past four years. The worst offenders were oils and sauces and spreads that saw a 16 and 13 per cent increase, respectively. A population consuming nine per cent more sodium would experience a four per cent… [Continue Reading]

Instant noodles high in sodium, low in fibre, study finds


There’s a reason we awarded the 2011 Salt Lick Award to Mr. Noodles. A new study from the UK that ranked 15 brands of instant noodles found all were guilty of being very high in sodium and low in fibre. The study found most brands mislabelled their products to seem healthier than in reality. Read… [Continue Reading]

US children consume as much salt as adults, study finds


A new study from the World Action on Salt and Health (WASH) found children in the US have a daily sodium intake that is equal to US adults. Children and teens, between eight and 18, consumed an average of 3,387 mg of sodium per day – more than double the recommended amount. Children from ages… [Continue Reading]