2009 Canadian “Salt Lick Award” goes to the country’s pizza producers


Download Release Pizza delivers a wallop of blood-pressure raising sodium in every slice. Three of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence – the Canadian Stroke Network, the Canadian Obesity Network and the Advanced Foods and Materials Network – today awarded the second annual national “Salt Lick Award” to the country’s pizza producers for loading the… [Continue Reading]

Dietary sodium contributes to 17,000 cases a year of stroke and heart disease in Canada, study says

(Release) Previous research from this group shows similar reductions in sodium could eliminate 30 per cent of hypertension among Canadian adults and save the health-care system $430- $540 million a year just in reduced hypertension treatment costs. “It is critical that government and the food industry effectively collaborate to reduce the amount of sodium that… [Continue Reading]

Stroke researchers applaud recommendations in ‘Food Guide’ to reduce salt intake

Download Release   For the first time, Canada’s ‘Food Guide’ sends a strong message about the health risks associated with over-consumption of salty foods and the impact on public health, says the Scientific Director of the Canadian Stroke Network. “This is important recognition that excess sodium consumption contributes to high-blood pressure, the leading risk factor… [Continue Reading]

Salt consumption, poor diet leading to ‘storm’ of health issues


Download Release Calgary researcher pushes stroke prevention message Calgary physician and disease prevention guru Dr. Norm Campbell laughs when he’s called a ‘shaker’ in the fight again salt. But there’s no denying that, in recent months, his campaign against the insidious white ‘toxin’ has made headlines across the country. Along with colleagues at the Canadian… [Continue Reading]