Sodium in the News


A pinch of reality about “A pinch of reality about salt” and other misleading media stories. Several articles have appeared in the popular media over the last few months suggesting that we need not be concerned about the high levels of sodium in our diet and that low intakes may be dangerous. They have been… [Continue Reading]

Useful tips for choosing low sodium foods


At the Grocery Store – Buy lower sodium foods to prepare healthier meals at home Read the information on food packages Buy unsalted and lower sodium foods whenever possible. Look for words such as “sodium-free”, “low sodium”, “reduced sodium,” or “no added salt” on the package. Compare food labels. Buy the products with the lowest… [Continue Reading]

Salt and Sodium: Get the Facts


Fact: Sodium is found in salt. All types of salt are high in sodium. Kosher salt, sea salt, fleur de sel, gourmet salt and smoked salt all have about the same amount of sodium as table salt. They are not healthier choices. Fact: We eat too much sodium. We all need some sodium, but most… [Continue Reading]

Maureen Tilley Shakes things up with low-sodium cookbook


Seasoned dietician and general food enthusiast, Maureen Tilley, didn’t expect to be the author of her own series of cookbooks. While working as a dietician for a grocery store in Nova Scotia, a publisher from Formac Publishing Company Ltd. approached Tilley to see if she would be interested in creating a low-sodium cookbook. “Salt is… [Continue Reading]

Salt: Are Canadians eating too much? How to monitor intake

Photo credit: wikipedia

Photo credit: wikipedia The Ministry of Health states that British Columbians consume more than double the amount of sodium considered adequate to promote good health in our province, as recommended by Health Canada, and each person consumes the equivalent of 11 cups of salt per year. The recommended intake is one cup of salt per… [Continue Reading]

Too much sodium, not enough potassium in the Canadian diet


A new report published earlier this month in the Canadian Journal of Public Health shows that Canadians are getting too much sodium, and not enough potassium in their diets. Researchers combined dietary intake recall data from the Canadian Community Health Survey with a Total Diet Study that involved 930 foods, including different brands purchased at… [Continue Reading]

(Français) Un jeune sur cinq souffre d’hypertension


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Canadians still consume too much sodium, study says


Canadians continue to consume too much sodium and males between the ages of 9 and 30 are the worst culprits, according to new research. Males in this age group consume more than 90 per cent more than the recommended upper limit of 2,300 mg of sodium a day, according to a study released Wednesday in… [Continue Reading]

Cut the salt: Processed foods with high sodium content get makeover in cookbook


As Canadians become more aware of the dangers of consuming high-salt foods, there is a new cookbook out that delves deeper into the subject. “Hold That Hidden Salt” is by Halifax dietitian Maureen Tilley (Formac Publishing, $24.95, paperback). It goes beyond table salt and the use of it in cooking by turning to what she… [Continue Reading]

Sodium 101 iPhone App


Looking to cut back on sodium? Now there’s an App for that! The Canadian Stroke Network is excited to announce the launch of Sodium 101 for iPhone. Designed to help users stay within their daily recommended sodium intake, the Sodium 101 iPhone App is free for download on the iPhone App Store. An increasing number… [Continue Reading]