Hospital patient menus contain “unacceptable” levels of dietary sodium, study finds


A study of food served to patients in three Ontario acute-care hospitals found 100 per cent of bedside meals had more than the recommended daily intake of sodium, according a report published online July 16 in the Archives of Internal Medicine. “We found sodium levels in hospital meals to be unacceptably high,” says Dr. JoAnne… [Continue Reading]

Canadian fast food saltier than similar products in Australia, France, UK and New Zealand


Industry could substantially reduce sodium content in products, resulting in large gains in population health. Canada’s fast foods on average contain 17-per-cent more sodium than comparable products in the UK and a whopping 27-per-cent more than those sold in France, according to an international study published today in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. In a… [Continue Reading]

Mr. Noodles wins 2011 Canadian Salt Lick Award


Cheap, salty products a feature of student diet Mr. Noodles, a low-cost diet staple popular among university and college students, has won the fourth annual Canadian Salt Lick Award. “A package of the popular ramen-style noodles provides the sodium equivalent of drinking a cup of sea water,” says Kevin Willis of the Canadian Stroke Network…. [Continue Reading]

Useful tips for choosing low sodium foods


At the Grocery Store – Buy lower sodium foods to prepare healthier meals at home Read the information on food packages Buy unsalted and lower sodium foods whenever possible. Look for words such as “sodium-free”, “low sodium”, “reduced sodium,” or “no added salt” on the package. Compare food labels. Buy the products with the lowest… [Continue Reading]

Salt and Sodium: Get the Facts


Fact: Sodium is found in salt. All types of salt are high in sodium. Kosher salt, sea salt, fleur de sel, gourmet salt and smoked salt all have about the same amount of sodium as table salt. They are not healthier choices. Fact: We eat too much sodium. We all need some sodium, but most… [Continue Reading]

Sodium 101 iPhone App


Looking to cut back on sodium? Now there’s an App for that! The Canadian Stroke Network is excited to announce the launch of Sodium 101 for iPhone. Designed to help users stay within their daily recommended sodium intake, the Sodium 101 iPhone App is free for download on the iPhone App Store. An increasing number… [Continue Reading]

New Website for Sodium 101!


To mark World Salt Awareness Week (March 21-28), the Canadian Stroke Network is has relaunched its popular website. In addition to English and French, the updated site is now available in Mandarin ( The website will continue to grow in the coming months, as we add delicious low sodium recipes and cooking tips, along… [Continue Reading]

Getting Savvy About Sodium in Foods


Trying to navigate your way through the minefield of high-sodium foods out there? Have you been looking for ways to reduce your sodium intake and improve your all-around health? We explain how to read food labels, make smarter choices when it comes to feeding your family, and help you become more sodium-savvy. According to Statistics… [Continue Reading]

2009 Canadian “Salt Lick Award” goes to the country’s pizza producers


Download Release Pizza delivers a wallop of blood-pressure raising sodium in every slice. Three of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence – the Canadian Stroke Network, the Canadian Obesity Network and the Advanced Foods and Materials Network – today awarded the second annual national “Salt Lick Award” to the country’s pizza producers for loading the… [Continue Reading]

Canada’s “Salt Lick Award” goes to A&W “Chubby Junior” Meal


Parents urged to steer children from sodium-laden fast food Three of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence – the Canadian Stroke Network, the Canadian Obesity Network and the Advanced Foods and Materials Network – today awarded the first national “Salt Lick Award” to the A&W “Chubby Junior” Kids’ Meal, which contains 1,910 milligrams of sodium… [Continue Reading]