Dining Out

  • Restaurant foods usually contain high levels of sodium.
  • Fast food restaurants, where food is precooked, often serve meals with extremely high amounts of sodium. Sodium, sugar and fat are used to make poor quality bland ingredients palatable.
  • Avoid fast-food restaurants and instead choose cook-to-order restaurants.
  • It is difficult to tell how much sodium a meal contains by looking at a menu, but nutritional information is often available on corporate websites. For example, according to a website scan, many fast-food restaurant hamburgers are in the 1,000-mg range and a grilled chicken sandwich generally has about 1,250 mg. Chinese restaurant food is especially sodium-laden: a single egg roll has about 400 mg and an order of Chicken with Black Bean sauce runs in the range of 3,800 mg of sodium. Pizza is a big sodium source for Canadians: a large slice of pizza can deliver more than 1,000 mg of sodium.
  • Be sure to follow the tips given in the Take Control section.
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