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Sodium101 launches iPhone App

An increasing number of people are eating processed and “fast food” for convenience and cost, while unaware of its frequently high sodium content. This is leading to high rates of high blood pressure and other health issues. To help people take control of how much sodium they consume, the Canadian Stroke Network has developed the Sodium101 iPhone app, based on their popular website (www.sodium101.ca.) to make it easier for consumers to make smarter, lower-sodium food choices.

Features include:

  • Track your sodium intake based on your age group.
  • Compare and track sodium content in takeout food.
  • Enter and track sodium in packaged foods.
  • A comprehensive listing of over 2000 food items from Canada’s most popular takeout chains.
  • Build a list of your favourite food items for quick and easy tracking.
  • A handy converter that allows you to calculate the amount of sodium in any amount of salt.
  • Simulated salt shaker to count salt added to food.
  • Recipe converter that allows you to track the salt added to food while cooking, and calculates the sodium content based on serving size.
  • Track your daily progress at a glance with the handy sodium thermometer.
  • Start fresh each day by clearing your daily sodium diary.
  • Share your daily sodium totals on Facebook and Twitter.
The CBC named the Sodium101 App as one of its top 10 fitness and health apps for 2011. Read more.