Ontario Sodium Summit shakes things up

Despite the federal government’s recent rejection of proposals by provincial and territorial health ministers to reduce sodium in the Canadian diet, implementation of some of the proposals has been initiated – at least in Ontario.  On February 16th and 17th the Ontario Medical Association, Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Ottawa Heart Institute convened a two-day summit in Toronto to discuss how the recommendations of the Sodium Working Group’s Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada could be acted upon in Ontario.  The meeting brought together some 60 experts, including several members of the now disbanded Sodium Working Group. “Lots can be accomplished at the provincial level,” said CSN’s Kevin Willis.  “Food procurement policy for schools and other provincially funded institutions, public education, and information on the sodium content of restaurant foods are examples of actions that can be taken at a provincial level.”  Dr. Willis presented the CSN’s work on national sodium education initiatives at the meeting.  The organizers of the Summit and participants committed to build and sustain action on sodium in Ontario and an Ontario Sodium Working Group has been formed.  The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) is helping to lead the charge. See “Salt” on the OMA website www.oma.org